Saturday, October 11, 2008


We had another visit with Derek at the hospital today. He's doing fine. Although he cannot take solid food at this time, he's had some Jello, tea, and was offered some "chicken soup" which he declined (he described the taste as hot, salty water - "contracted" patient food is the source of many complaints in our hospitals here). He is also on an intravenous saline drip, for electrolyte balance.

Derek had a slight fever today, but his temperature had returned to normal by the time we saw him. This is apprently a normal reaction in cases like his. It's early for any activity at "the other end", but some rumbling in his gut indicates that there is progress. He says that isn't in any distress, and his mood confirms that. Judicious use of Tylenol 3 and an occasional administration of oral morphine keep him comfortable, but not dazed. Derek also sends his thanks to all who sent their best wishes via the blog comments, by telephone, or other means.

More tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Here in France we think about Derek.

JH had the same "reconnecting" surgery a little more than a year ago (on September 20th), and it really was the moment when he started feeling better and better.

Of course those ileostomy bags are necessary, but they really are very very hard to live with. When you have this thing on your side, you cannot really forget about it and just live normally.

I really do hope Derek will feel extremely releaved by the removal of the bag, and it will give him all the strength he needs for the other fights he has to go through.