Saturday, October 25, 2008

A little outing

Yesterday evening, we invited Derek, Airdrie, Marina, and Lauren to dinner, keeping in mind that Derek has to watch what he eats. He decided that Earl's would be a good place; so we all went there. Derek enjoyed his "Alfredo" noodles, and each one of us had our own individual food choice; all chosen menu items were very well prepared. It's good to see that Derek is on the way to eating more normal food.

After dinner Derek and family went to see the "High School Musical III" movie, which Marina and Lauren were anxious to see. I'm sure they all had a good "quality time", something that Derek has had to largely forego while fighting his cancer. He's in the middle of making some very important decisions regarding what treatment direction to take. You may want to read about this on his blog at As Derek's parents, we are very much concerned, of course; while we can, and have, provided family help, it hurts to be unable to directly contribute to his fight and to his hoped-for recovery. His cancer is always on our minds. We'll support him in whatever decisions he makes.


Anonymous said...

I must say, when I read Derek's post, I thought of you right away.

I admire his very clear way of stating things, but it must be awfully hard, as a parent, to have your own son discussing whether he is going to struggle for a longer life or not.

However, I do think being so open about it is a help. Because everybody continuously thinks about life and death, but nobody dares speaking out loud.

I wish you strength enough to support your son, whatever decision he makes.

Barbra said...

Many years ago Karl, I remember my Dad saying "it's a tough ole life." I'd forgotten his words until I read your latest blog on Derek's now having a new decision to make. I now completely understand those words. I have no idea how a family gets through all of this, but I do know you have many friends, family and people you've never met who love and care about you and your family. They will always be there for any support you all will or might need.

My wish for you all is some peace and strength for what now seems to be the difficult road.

Take care of yourselves and as always my thoughts are always with you and your family, my hopes and my prayers as well. Barbra