Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween recital

Marina at the piano

The proud parents (Derek and Airdrie)

Lauren at the piano

Marina singing

Derek and Airdrie invited us to come to the annual Halloween recital which Lorraine's music students put on every year. This time, it took place at a well-known local pizza restaurant. Both Marina and Lauren displayed their great talents for all guests. A huge surprise for us was that Marina also sang ("Butterfly" was her selection). She has an amazing voice, and a totally relaxed poise in front of an audience. We were all totally thrilled. Marina must have inherited some of that talent from her dad, as well as her Great-Grandfather (my wife's father and Derek's Grandfather), who was a singer, musician, and composer.


Tarya said...

did anyone get a video of marina singing or the girls playing piano?

Karl said...

No, just still pictures. Some other parents may have taken some - maybe Derek or Airdrie will know.