Thursday, August 9, 2007

Little things mean a lot

As you've probably read on Derek's blog, things are progressing slowly, but steadily. We're pleased that he's gained some weight - it'll help with his continuing fight against his cancer.

We live next to each other in a duplex, with connecting balconies. This arrangement makes it possible visit on short notice, and with no effort. So, it is easy for Derek and/or his family to come over. Last night Derek came to visit us, to our great pleasure. Also, Marina, Dereks' older daughter, likes to come over in the evening for some "quiet time", as she calls it, and, as grandparents, we consider this to be a real compliment from her. Many times both Marina and Lauren, Dereks' younger daughter, are here for a visit, and we can take them at any time Derek or Airdrie (or both) need some time for themselves or when they need to do other things. Sometimes Marina and Lauren sleep over; it's a wonderful thing that we have Dereks' "clan" so close. This kind of thing (all the family under one roof) used to be normal; nowadays families are often spread all over the globe, and I think something goes missing when that happens. In any case, our situation is certainly of help to Derek in his current bout with his illness.

"Little" things indeed.


Tarya said...

To me, that's not such a little thing. Living in such close proximity to my family allows me to see my niece all the time, say hi to my parents whenever I want to, and even run up to the little 'mom and pop' store upstairs when I'm out of something in the kitchen. I find it keeps our lives linked in a way that coming over for more formal visits wouldn't allow, and to me, that's a big thing.

Karl said...

Yes, Tarya, it's a big thing; it's the most important part of our lives. Family means the most to us, "little" things like a hug, family dinners, drop-in visits, the feeling of "belonging", shared happiness and concerns, etc... we all need these.

Real M. said...

We are so lucky that we are such a close much love there we can make it through the good times and the bad times...we always have and always will...much love again...Sirkka