Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Too much to hope for

Derek has had a setback. Most of you'll know from his blog that he also has Type 1 diabetes. Right now, his blood sugar levels are out of balance, and he'll probably have to stay at the hospital for a few more days. He didn't get much sleep last night, because he also had "incisional" pains; the cuts in his abdominal muscles and skin are probably "knitting". His sense of humour hasn't left him, though. "The honeymoon is over" he said, "my body has finally realized what's happened". The hospital team seems to be getting his sugar levels back to where they should be, and there appears to be no post-operation infection (no fever). We hope for a quick return to normal recovery


Laurence said...

I guess it is better to have this problem when you are still in the hospital than to go back home and find yourself rushing for the emergencies after a couple of days.

It did seem very short a stay for such an operation and such a serious disease, and for a diabetic patient too.

Today, we had a laugh at the hospital too : a young nurse came to Jean-Hugues and told him that she was taking a blood sample to test his diabet. She seemed very surprised when we told her that he never had diabete in his life. So she told us she was going to check her orders, and never came back. So we figured that she took JH for Derek...

Anyway, better be patient, and stay a little longer in the hospital to be on the safe side.

I hope you are not too disappointed, and the ladies can use the delay to test theire new recipes !

Cheers !

Shane Hendricks said...

Thoughts and prayers with you all. I hope to see/hear Derek again soon!