Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Rollercoaster

As you know from Derek's blog, he's going through the morphine withdrawal routine. In the last couple of days the symptoms have become bad enough for him to be unable to keep food down. So, we decided that it would be better for him to go back to the hospital. He'll have his electrolytes, and blood sugar levels brought back to normal and be under observation. We want to thank the hospital staff for the quick attention Derek has received so far - we had a bed in emergency quickly, and he's now got a bed in the regular hospital ward. Derek felt fine over the weekend - now he's down again. It is a rollercoaster recovery.


Laurence said...

I don't know what a rollercoaster is - I should keep a dictionnary nearby, but I am too lazy to ge one in the other room. Anyway, it must be something going up and down and up and down and so on till you get sick.

We are on such a roundabout too. And right now, it is down, down, down : JH got high fever during the night, and he kept throwing up, so he has another of those tube in the nose (back to 1 week ago) and they now say they are going to feed him with another tube because he gets too weak...

And they don't seem to know that much what is going on, they take blood samples, urine samples, they talk about a scanner (you call those CT scan, from what I get, but no idea what this C and this T stand for).

I am scared to death.

Nobody talks about leaving the hospital any more.

I have this neverending nightmare feeling...

I keep trying to imagine Derek and Jean-Hugues, in a few months, sitting at a café terrace, having a cold beer and talking about music. But I do hope the only obstacle is the price of the flight.

Karl said...

Hello, Laurence

The C stands for "computed" and the T is for "tomography". This technique is the most accurate method of seeing the inside of a person, without physical intervention.

We are all thinking about you and JH, don't despair; the human body has many ways to fight back.

I'll let you know more about Derek today, after our visit at the hospital.

Tania said...

Laurence rollercoaster sont les montagnes russes.
Prompt rétablissement à JH.

All the best again to Derek and his family!

Laurence said...

Thank you Tania I new it whas some kind of roundabout...

I do get to improve my english by those web conversations.

So everything on earth has a good side effect !

Thanks for you thoughts. Today is much better. Rollercoaster again !