Thursday, July 26, 2007

More food

Last night, Derek watched the fireworks (it was Spain's turn); he said they were very good.

Derek is having more food today. Before we went to visit him, he asked us to bring him a special kind of soup of which Airdrie had brought him a little yesterday. He told us where we could get it, and we drove by and picked some up for him. This is one of those special, hardy Jewish soups, with motzeballs (meatballs). We brought him a large portion, and he ate it all (except for the carrots, which are too fibrous at this time). He also asked for, and we brought him some no-sugar-added pudding and he had one of those (the package contains six). He also had some tea. His doctor is saying that they're aiming for a Saturday release from the hospital. We'll see how things are progressing, but it's something to aim for.

After all that food, he had a rest while we were at his bedside. He still gets tired quite easily, but makes an effort to move around. He's been down to the cafeteria on his own for some tea (six floors down and some distance to walk). Since he's is still tied to his intravenous rack, this is a slow process, but things are looking up some more.


Kerry Anne said...


Thanks for the updates.
I found a wonderful soup from the Safeway deli section that is both delicious and high in calories. It is the Tomato and Basil Bisque. They sell them in the clear plastic containers. It is blended or pureed, so there are no chunks in it, though there may be very small pieces of tomato or onion, so I'm not sure if Derek is ready for that or not.
Again, it's delicious! Might be a good thing for Derek to try.
Take care.

Laurence said...

Thanks for the good news.

We had a wonderful surprise yesterday : JH was signed out of the hospital at the end of the afternoon. We had to change our plans, and were of course very happy to !

We just arrived yesterday night at my parent's in the countryside, and I hurry to catch a train back to Paris to go and get the kids (we only have one) !

My best to Derek