Friday, July 6, 2007

The Day

Hello, everyone.

Just to let you know that Derek came through the surgery in very good shape. All his internal connections were "saved" for later re-use (click on Derek's blog; his URL link ( is shown at the left. Read his July 5 blog entry). We've just returned from the hospital recovery room, and Derek is of clear mind, if a bit sore. He's been chatting with the nurses - I guess his gregarious personality can't be suppressed. This is a big load off all our minds. More details at a later date. Thank you all for your thinking of us and your support.

An update at 9pm: We just went back to the hospital to pick up our daughter-in-law Airdrie, who spent the evening with Derek in his hospital room. She tells us that he is cracking jokes, and is back to his former, happy personality. Of course he's still on pain medication and there will be a lengthy adaptation time before he can take solid food, etc. We'll visit again tomorrow, and I'll have a progress report then.



Melanie said...

I'm so glad he is doing well and had no problems with the surgery.

I've been reading Derek's blog for several years and I'm a fan of Airdrie's podcast. I met both of them for lunch last October in Vancouver. I live in Prince George.

Welcome to the blogsphere. It's great you have started this blog to keep us all updated on Derek's progress. I bet when Derek is back home and blogging again you will still want to keep it up:)

Jann said...

I'm so happy to hear this. I've been thinking about Derek all day.


Terry said...

That is great news! We've had Derek on our minds all day and the first thing I did upon arriving home tonight is look here for news. Please tell Derek we're thinking of him and that we're so glad he's come through his surgery with flying colours!

Terry & John

Barb said...

Thanks for this update, Karl. I've been thinking of Derek all day too. I'm so glad surgery went well. Give Derek a big hug.

PS It was very nice to meet you at Derek's birthday party.

Razor Ent. Admin said...

Great to hear! Karl, I think all of us are very grateful that you're publishing this blog - it takes a lot of fear and concern away to know that we can find out how things are going while Derek is temporarily out of blogging range. Soon the Miller family will dominate the blogosphere!


aprigliano said...

Thank you, P.M.D., for letting us know. It is good to hear.

Tod Maffin said...

That's awesome! Thanks for the update.

ralph said...

Thanks for this great news,Karl.
You and the two Mrs Millers should sleep the sleep of the just tonight.

Ralph and Gail.

Christa Giles said...

That's great news! So glad you are writing to share with us, much thanks for the updates :)

Bob said...

Best wishes to Derek, and to all of you. This is good news. Take it and savor it.

From another BwC (blogger-with-cancer) in Ottawa...

JeePaw said...

Freaking great news. Thanx for the update. Hoping for a successful recovery and return to the blogosphere.

iceless in olympia.

Tara Nelson said...

Hi Karl -
so glad to hear Derek went through the surgery well! Big hugs to you and Hilkka from us.
Tara and Morgan

Shane Hendricks said...

Thinking of you all right now. I know that it must be rough. My best to Derek. Tell him to hurry up and get back to the podcast! (kidding of course)