Friday, July 13, 2007

Coming home?

A phone call this morning from Derek has given us another upswing on his way to recovery. He said that he's feeling pretty good and that the withdrawal control program seems to be working. Yesterday evening, he had enough stamina to visit his good friend Simon James in Simons' hospital room five floors below. Simon had to have a heart valve replacement, due to a congenital problem which has plagued him all his life. Simon had his operation on Wednesday and is still pretty groggy, but is coherent and happy to see visitors for short periods. I'm sure that he and Derek have a lot to talk about. Derek intends to visit him again today.

Derek said that the staples used to hold his incision together are going to be removed today. The incision seems to have healed (note to Christa Giles: "knitted") very well. There'll likely always be a scar, but I think that the idea of stapling is to "minimize" its appearance.

It's Derek's choice regarding whether to come home today or stay another day. It all depends on how he feels later on. We'll let you know. You may see Derek on his blog soon.


Anonymous said...

Well, well, happy to read really good news !

Derek always seems to be a little step ahead, so, I hope JH will follow soon ! Maybe in the middle of next week.

I look forward to reading his hospital impressions on his blog.

And maybe to ask for some Macintosh tips ? When my man is away sleeping with tubes, and my Mac starts to misbehave, I don't know what to do !

Anonymous said...

All the best wishes in the world to Derek and JH!

Anonymous said...

Tell Derek that Todd out in Hawaii is thinking about him, and the rest of your family. You all have been in out prayers.

Christa Giles said...

(laugh) I'm tempted to go into great details about the various ways that fibres reconnect (felting, fulling, spit-splicing).. teehee :)

Glad the news continues to be good, thanks for bringing it.. and the astronomy stuff is cool, too!