Wednesday, July 4, 2007


My wife and I are spending these days under some serious tension. As you can tell from our son's blog, he is going to have an operation to have a good part of his colon and possibly one kidney removed (he suffers from metastatic colorectal cancer). This procedure is scheduled for Friday, July 6. We all hope for his full recovery, but it's going to be a lengthy slog. One thing we are proud of is the way he is dealing with his suffering - read his blog and you'll see what I mean. Here's his URL:


francine said...

Thank you for starting a blog and keeping us informed. And good luck to you and your family. This is a very complex disease.

Tod Maffin said...

Don't you mean they're going to remove the BAD part of his colon, not the GOOD part?


Welcome to the blogosphere.

Karl said...

Hello, Tod

Yep, I hope they'll remove the bad stuff only. He'll need all the good parts that are left.

Thanks for your message.

Barbra said...

Hi Karl, It's nice that you will be keeping up Derek's progress. I have been following his blog and journey with cancer. Also, I have been in touch with Derek's Aunt and your Sister-in-Law on how he is doing and his family.

This is such a difficult time for you and Hilkka and I wish you both well through all of this. This is such a hateful disease and affects not just the person who has it but the family and community of friends and well wishers. Soon this will be a memory and all behind you.

I wish you all the strength you will need and the hope that all will be good and I believe that it will be.

Remember we are with you walking this path and so you all have the support of so many.

Take care of yourselves, Barbra