Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All the Best to Jean-Hugues

Hello, all

Those of you are also reading the comments on Derek's and my blog will have seen postings from Jean-Hugues in Paris. He's just gone through the same kind of surgery Derek has had, and for the same reasons. My wife and I send you, Jean-Hugues, your wife Laurence, and your family all the best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

I'm sure the people who are reading Derek's and my blog are wishing Jean-Hugues a return to a healthy, normal life as well, and are sending you all their support.



Laurence said...

Thank you very much Karl for those wishes !

My husband's name in fact is Jean-Hugues, because Laurence is a girl's name here in France. I am used to the confusion with Sir Lawrence Oliver or Lawrence of Arabia, but they both have "w" !

Anyway, today, I am very relieved, because the surgery went very well too, and my husband woke up in the middle of the afternoon, after a 5 h surgery. He also has a temporary ileostomy, so Derek and him are going to be able to exchange on really yuck yuck subjects.

I left him quiet, sleepy and without pain, around 8 pm tonight.

One of the first things he asked for is news from Derek. So I guess it is important for him not to feel too lonely in this whole ordeal !

Thanks for your support and all the best to you.


Tania said...

Toutes sortes de bonnes choses à Jean-Hugues et à vous aussi, Laurence! Good luck to both of you.

sambycat said...

GOOD THOUGHTS AND BEST WISHES TO BOTH FAMILIES! thanks again to karl for keeping us updated - its a wonderful relief!
take care!